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WhatsApp New feature that Shares your WhatsApp Status to Facebook Stories through Button

Whatsapp is finally bringing the most awaited feature that will allow Users to share there WhatsApp Status updates to Facebook Stories as well . This feature was under development for a while but now it has been rolled out to some beta testers and it be soon rollled out for beta testers who have signed up for beta program. Users won't need to link their WhatsApp accounts to Facebook to use this feature. The app uses the data-sharing API that is used by several other apps as well, to share user Status as a Facebook Story.

As this feature is available for testing so according to Verge soon it is going to be rolled out commercially for all the users.The ‘Share to Facebook Story' button will go live right under your Status. Clicking on it will take you to the Facebook app, where you can then post it as a Story. This option can be used to post your status to other apps like Instagram, Gmail, and Google Photos as well, the report states.

It was first spotted last month in the beta version (2.19.151) of WhatsApp for Android. However, it was then under development and isn’t made available for testing. Apart from the sharing to Facebook Stories, the users can alternatively tap on the share symbol to share their status anywhere else.

To be clear, WhatsApp’s new status sharing feature doesn’t do any of the data sharing that’s gotten Facebook into trouble in the past. But as Facebook moves toward allowing users from all three of its major services to message each other across a single technical backend, even seemingly innocuous features like this can risk intense scrutiny.

Launched back in 2017, WhatsApp Status has since grown to be used by 500 million users daily, and in 2020, it will become the first place in the WhatsApp app to show ads.

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