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How To Detect and Remove any Virus on Your Android Phone

Hacking Android isn’t a big deal by any means. Provided that it is more exposed than ios, hackers can easily trick users into installing malware. And there are chances that you might already have a malware sitting on your phone by now.

When it comes to mobile malware, Android phones have the dubious distinction of attracting more than their fair share, and that malware can range anywhere from annoying popup ad delivery services to sophisticated mobile spyware that allows a hacker to spy on your every action. So if you think you have a virus on your phone , you definitely want to take these steps to remove it.

How To Detect Virus on Your Android Phone

  • Slow Performance

If your PC is been infected by the malware it slows down same is with the Android Phone  will suffer from the multiple processes run in the background by the malware. Depending upon your phone’s internals, the malware will consume a significant amount of resources hampering other apps from functioning correctly.                                                                                      
Malware that is constantly sending information back to a installer may hog your phone’s processing power, resulting in its general performance slowing down.
  • Pop - Up  Ads  
Pop-Up ads are one the biggest problem faced by the users .If you are browsing the mobile web and seeing lot of pop-up ads ? Then you are been affected by the adware . If you are using an app displaying pop-up ads might not necessarily be malware, but then again it’s an adware, and there’s no reason to keep that app in your phone.                                                
“Popups can mean that malware has installed itself within the OS and has a trigger for a popup based on common ways that users would operate their phones,” Galindo says. The idea is to engage users when they’re most likely to click on an ad or offer, thereby downloading another bit of malware that has the potential to cause greater damage to their device or data.  

  •  Reduced Battery Life
 If you have installed the app from unauthorized source or outside from the Google Play store there are chances that your app can be affected with the malware. The more malware affected will run in the background the more it will eat your battery.
Hence, if you accidentally let a virus into your system, battery drain is something you should be able to notice, right away. That said, you can quickly figure out the offender app under battery consumption details in Settings > Battery. 
  • Suspicious notifications from banks and unknown services.
If banking malware steals your details, it might result in your bank – or another financial institution – notifying you of charges or even new accounts opened in your name. SMS malware might also reveal itself in premium text services sending you notifications of the fees you’ve just paid. 

  • Higher Data Usage

Most of the apps which are malicious are made with the purpose to steal your personal information. As a result they keep uploading your precious data such as contacts , images, and more in the background. This often causes an increase in data usage, visible in your data bills.                                 
This can also be caused by an adware generating clicks in the background or a mining malware using your phone’s hardware and the internet connection to mine crypto. In the end, it’s making money for the deploy-er.                                                 
Other malware that might reveal themselves in bandwidth usage include apps that secretly harness your device for use in distributed denial of service (DDOS) attacks to freeze other sites. 


So if you think you have a virus on your phone (see the 5 Signs above), you definitely want to take these steps to remove it. 

When it comes to mobile virus,malware Android phones have the arguable distinction of attracting more than their fair share , and that malware can range anywhere from annoying popup ad delivery services to sophisticated mobile spyware that allows a hacker to spy on your every action. 

So now lets see the steps to how to remove malware from your phone 

  • Uninstall Any Suspicious Apps
If  you have downloaded any app from outside the Google PlayStore it may contain malware and adware so uninstall that app if you find it suspicious. And other apps, especially free apps from small developers, may contain adware. So if you see apps you don't need, uninstall them, just to be safe. 

To uninstall apps, head into Settings > Apps and Notifications > All Apps then click on the app in question. This should bring up its dedicated screen with an uninstall button, which might be enough to remove the malware.

If the uninstall button is grey than the app has gained the admin access. so to remove it follow the steps.In this case, head to Settings > Security & location > Advanced > Device admin apps, and check if any apps are in that list that shouldn’t have such deep access. If so, you can tap on the app to deactivate it, which should allow you to uninstall it from the Apps & notifications menu.

  • Factory Reset Your Phone 

If uninstalling the suspicious apps doesn’t stop your phone from popping up annoying messages or worse, you may need to take the hard way of performing a factory reset, which will clear your phone of all data.

Make sure you have your photos and media backed up, and any messages you may want to save, 

Then head to Settings > System > Advanced > Reset options > Erase all data.

  • Prevent Downloading Third- Party Apps
Do not Download any third - party applications try to download the apps from Google Playstore.

Many people like to use crack applications of the paid apps but they don't know that this cracked application may contain malware,adware. Just think that no one will give any paid app for free they crack the paid app and provide it to you if they have something to benefit in it . Almost all the cracked apps will contain some type of malware,adware 

Using cracked application will make your Information and Your Phone's data in danger so uninstall the cracked applications .

  • Stop Malware From Being Re-Installed
Once your phone is clear of malware, it’s a good idea to be wary of what you download and where you download from.
Always download apps from Google Play or other trusted sources and only download apps you really need and know are safe even then, keep a sharp eye on whether you’re really downloading that popular game you keep reading about, or only a clever fake.

So this were some tips to detect and remove virus from your Android phone.That said have you ever encountered with a virus on your device?and if you know different ways other than this to remove a virus then Lets know in the comments below.
Feel free to reach out to us if any query .

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