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Redmi K20 Pro Lanuched Date Confirmed , Price in India


In my First Article of K20 Pro i had mentioned about the Launch Date of Redmi K20 Pro & K20 you can find it at the Home page of the blog or the on the given link . As i had mentioned the launch date is at July 17 and it is confirmed that the launch date is at July 17 and The Price is Going to be around 19,000. The Redmi K20 is going against the Realme X  aand Redmi K20 Pro is going against the OnePlus 7 pro as Redmi K20 Pro is going to be launched at less price with Flagship Features and with Sanpdragon  855 Chipset Which is same as OnePlus 7 series is having. 

At last the Consumer has the benefits as more Smartphones are launching so they get a choice and consumers/ customers can get some Smartphone at less price with flagship features .

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