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Realme Fitness Band: Features, Price, Launch Date

Realme is entering the wearables market in India, something it has been teasing for a while now. The company detailed a plan for its entry into the AIoT ecosystem during its Realme X50 Pro 5G launch event today. It plans to bring four smart hubs to the market that include a Smart Screen, Smart Watch, Smart Speaker, and Smart Earphones. In a slew of tweets, the company's India CEO Madhav Sheth revealed that the much-teased Realme smart band will be revealed on March 5. He also published a teaser, giving a glimpse of the smartwatch, along with other smart devices.

The first fitness band by Realme will be in Competition with the current Mi Band 4 by Xiaomi, and other top fitness bands in the market. The Realme Band will connect to the companion Realme Link app that was introduced recently.

Features of Upcoming Realme Fitness Band 

Display :-

The Realme Fitness Band  display will be an AMOLED screen, which is one of the standout new features of the fitness tracker.
AMOLED screens offer better brightness and more vivid colors, and here the difference is noticeable. The watch face designs look a lot more vibrant, and the different menu logos look a lot less ‘flat’ than on some other trackers.
The display seems pretty robust, which is good news if you tend to bump your wrist on things a lot.

Heart Rate Sensing :-

The band will come with a heart rate sensor which will continually keep sensing the heart rate. The Realme band will have a 24/7 heart rate which will monitor your heart rate every few minutes or so and will send out alerts when it abnormally decreases or increases.

One thing I thing that Realme Fitness Band will likely to have is smart heart rate monitoring. You can go to the app and select continuous heart rate monitoring. But generally, this feature drains a lot of battery on all the fitness tracking bands. But you can also go into the settings and select smart mode. So it will adjust the frequency according to the activity.

Like if you’re working out it will increase it and if you are sitting and working in your office it will decrease that. So essentially you will get more battery backup out of it.

Activity Tracking :-

It can also measure your various fitness activities like running, indoor and outdoor cycling, swimming, elliptical, rower and free training. And during all these activities it will also keep a track of your heart rate , the Realme Fitness Band will track all your activities keeping a track of your activity time and calories burnt measuring all your outdoor activities in real-time.

Sleep Tracking :-

The Realme Band will also feature an active sleep monitoring option. It will be able to identify different sleeping patterns and will keep a record of your daily sleep.It can measure your deep, light and REM sleep and awake time. And gives you an overall score of the night.The app will have a patterned data of your sleep which will help you to improve your sleep quality based on extensive sleep analysis.


I think Realme Fitness Band will have 100-110 milliamp-hour battery.With the heart rate sensor and sleep tracker switched on all the time, the Realme Fitness Band will be able to run for more than a 10 Days. Without heart rate sensor switched on all time the Realme Fitness Band will be able to run for around 20 Days. The band will come with a charger inside.

App Notification :-

The Realme watch will display all sort of app notifications. You can choose from the app which notifications to receive from which apps through Realme Link App, and the Realme fitness band will display all details on the watch directly

Watch Faces :-

As other fitness bands, the Realme band will comes with multiple watch faces support. The company will support the band with a dedicated Realme Watch app where you can choose your favourite watch face including photos.

Control Calls & Music :-

The Realme Fitness band will be able to control incoming calls like rejecting then or to silence. The watch will support rejecting and silencing calls directly from the fitness band. Also, you can check out who’s calling without the need to open the device.

You can control music and volume directly from the Realme Fitness Band. Recently added on Mi Band 4, the Realme Band will also come with support for music and volume controls including almost all popular music streaming apps.

You will also be able to control music playback on the upcoming Realme fitness band as playing, pausing songs, skipping, going back and obviously volume.

Price & Availability :-

As part of its wearable offerings in its AIoT ecosystem, Realme plans to release the smart band and the smartwatch soon. While there are no details about both of these products, the smart band will be revealed on March 5 according to a tweet made by Madhav Sheth

Realme Fitness Band is going to be Priced Aggressive said by Madhav Sheth in an interview . As Mi Band 4 is at Rs 2299. So Realme Fitness Band will be Priced between  Rs 1200-1800 


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